With a Labour-run City Council we will help Deliver a Fairer Future for Exeter.

With a Labour-run City Council, Exeter has become a successful, growing city and one of the country’s best places to live, work and visit – despite the economic crisis.  But we think we can do even better – providing more jobs and homes for local people, supporting communities to have a bigger say in how local services are designed and delivered, and making our city more sustainable and ready for the future.

The Tory and Lib Dem Coalition Government has announced cuts of more than 45% to the City Council’s funding, and many of those cuts are still to come.  Over the coming months and years the City Council will have to make some very difficult decisions, but working closely with local communities, businesses and the rest of the public sector, we believe we can create a positive future for Exeter.

In Exeter we have seen outstanding City Council election results where we gained three seats and increased our majority.  Once again, we must thank Exeter voters for putting their trust in Labour.

We have shown the value of a Labour Council engaged with the community with positive policies for fairness and growth; a popular and hard working local MP and a thriving and well organised local party.


The 2014 City Labour Group outside Exeter Guildhall




Hard Working Labour Councillors Rewarded

A third of the 40 City Council ward seats were contested on Thursday 22 May and Labour gained three councillors.  Labour now hold 27 of the 40 City Council seats, giving Labour a majority of 14 - a record as far as we know.  Gaining three additional women councillors also means we have achieved virtual...Read More »

Our Manifesto for Exeter 2014

Exeter Labour Party is committed to a fairer future for Exeter, and we have five priorities in our manifesto that will enable us to achieve this. Voting for your Local Labour Candidate  will ensure that a Labour-run City Council continues to work hard, providing more jobs and homes for local people, supporting communities...Read More »

Labour Candidates for City Elections 2014 Announced

Exeter Labour Party is delighted to announce it's candidates for the City Council Elections to be held on 22 May 2014. Your can find out more about our candidate in your area, how to contact them as well as the local work of your Labour team on our candidates page. Please...Read More »

Cost of Cameron Campaign Day 11.01.14

...Read More »

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